Lab Equipments

Lab Equipments

We offer an excellent range of laboratory equipment for all your needs. From microscopes and micropipettes to laminar flow cabinets and centrifuges, find everything that you need for your laboratory here with us. We supply our equipment from renowned names worldwide including Nichiryo Japan, Labtech Korea, Biobase China, Hettich Lab Technology Germany, and Optika Italy.

NichriyoNichiryo: Famous for their liquid handling products, Nichiryo pipettes are extremely robust, durable and strong. Find world renowned Nichipet autoclavable micro pipettes and multi channel pipettes by Nichiryo here.

BiobaseLabtech & Biobase: We supply water baths, incubators, fume hoods, laminar flow cabinets, freezers and more for all your laboratory needs from Labtech and Biobase.



Optika: For all your microscopy needs, including educational microscopes, laboratory microscopes, industrial microscopes and digital microscopy needs, we bring you the best from Optika.


HettichHettich: Look for centrifuges, robotic centrifuges, incubators and special accessories suitable for various industries from medical diagnostics to industrial quality control here, and we will supply them for you.

We also offer advanced equipment such as automated DNA/RNA extraction systems, DNA/RNA quantification systems and multimode readers for your laboratory needs.