About Avonpc

About Avon PC

A Genuine Partner for Life Science Research & the Diagnostics Community in Sri Lanka

We are a leading Life Science Research and Medical Laboratory supplier in Sri Lanka. With over a decade of experience, we are reputed for our excellence in service, and have strong partnerships with global leaders in scientific research as well as medical diagnostics products manufacturers. Our excellence is enriched with our policy of recruiting educated, capable young graduates for all teams

Our valuable clients in Sri Lanka

  • All universities with Life Science laboratories or departments
  • All Life Science Research Institutes
  • All Government Hospitals linked through Medical Supplies Division
  • All water quality testing laboratories
  • Private universities and schools with Bioscience laboratories
  • Several laboratories in the Food & Beverage and Cosmetics Industries
  • Local suppliers/distributors that connect small scale laboratories across the island


Our expertise & partners

Life Science Research

General Laboratory Supplies

Medical diagnostics


Avon Pharmo Chem (Pvt) Ltd


Avon Pharmo Chem (Avon PC) was established in Sri Lanka in 2002 as a company intent on dealing medical laboratory supplies. However, we soon recognized the importance of expanding our services to research laboratories. At this time, major universities and reputed hospitals were introducing molecular biology research and diagnostics, and the molecular biology field in Sri Lanka was being developed rapidly. In keeping with this, it was only natural for Avon PC to become a part of this new and exciting field.

By 2004, Avon PC became a supplying partner for Molecular Biology Research requirements in Sri Lanka and soon became a force to be reckoned with. In 2005, we became a Limited Liability company; and ever since then Avon Pharmo Chem (Pvt) Ltd has been an officially registered supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables for almost all government scientific laboratories and institutes in Sri Lanka.

Our Suppliers

We are proud to bridge the gap between global suppliers and Sri Lankan institutes, and contribute to Sri Lanka’s advancing development in science. We have over a decade of experience directly importing supplies from countries such as USA, UK, Germany, China, Korea, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy and more. We are well reputed as on-time suppliers offering competitive prices among our major clients.

Our major Molecular Biology reagent suppliers include Promega USA and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) USA, while Biologix USA, Biobase China, Marienfeld Germany, Labtech Korea, Hettich Germany, Nichiryo Japan, ChromTech Taiwan and Daejung South Korea are some of our well known suppliers of consumables, chemicals, glassware and laboratory equipment.

We are Exclusive Agents

Since 2008, Avon PC proved its worth and was recognized to be a competent agent/distributor in Sri Lanka to several well reputed global companies in the world, such as Eppendorf, Promega, IDT, Marienfeld Superior, DIRUI Industrial Co, Daejung Chemicals, Altona Diagnostics, Hettich, Optika Microscopes, Yamato, Labtech, Raypa Equipments, and Nichiryo Micropipettes.

Our Achievements

Avon PC’s annual sales volume in both Research and Medical sectors has been increasing with a considerable market share in Sri Lanka. However, our main achievement that we are concerned with is the goodwill that we have earned from our clients, along with the good rapport that we have built with foreign suppliers. Becoming exclusive agents for Promega, IDT, Daejung and Marienfeld brands is one of our major milestones in Avon PC’s history.

Our Values

All members of the Avon PC group share special humane values, which play a key role – in addition to our expertise – in winning the confidence of a larger share of the Sri Lankan customer base. We are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met. This makes Avon PC ‘a genuine companion for the Sri Lankan life science research community & a leader in research and medical laboratory supplies’.


Become the leading company in Research and Medical Laboratory Supplies in Sri Lanka.


Avon Pharmo Chem (Pvt) Ltd strives to become a leader in supplying the needs of biological research laboratories and clinical diagnostics in Sri Lanka by providing qualified professional expertise and high quality products to meet the needs of world class standards.