Tissamaharama Scholarship program

Avon Pharmo Chem Pvt Lts has been contributing for a scholarship program for 10 needy children in Thissamaharama area since 2009 to 2012.

In an accidental meeting with the then president of the Thissamaharama Pradeshiya Sabha this was suggested. The president of the Pradeshiya Sabha requested our assistance to help the selected children who were to cease schooling due to financial conditions of the family. Each student received a monthly subscription to the selected students.

Sharing School materials at Thoppigala

Avonpc distributed school materials among 75 school children in a village near to Thoppigala in 2010. Facilitated by police officers, Avon staff members viewed this as very effective and successful event as principal and teachers were also very happy that Sinhala youth was donating for war trodden Tamil children.  Some sports materials were also handed over to the principal of the school for the uplifting of extracurricular activities and health of children.
People in the areas were recently re settled with basic agricultural infrastructure.

Sharing School Materials in Mullativu

Avonpc distributed basic school materials for 400 children of 19 schools in Mullativu District in 2011. This function was held in in Vidyananda College, Mullativu under the patronage of Sri Lanka Army forces.

Lt. Col. WIjeratne & Major Hewapatha were met with our company colleagues in a visit to Mullativu in early this year 2011 and explained the need of help from the south people to upgrade the life standards of people living in the area. Education is the best place to break the vicious cycle. Army soldiers of 5 battalions selected the most suitable children out of any needy in schools in their area. The total number was 400 from 19 schools. The total value of the donation was Approx Rs 400 000.00

Each student received books and materials for about six months (other than bags math boxes etc). It was a great achievement at Avon’s history.

SLArmy soldiers were also appreciated in doing their best to develop the lives of the area.