Our resources page is a one stop source of important scientific information for university students as well as professional researchers in their day to day laboratory or scientific activities.


Access a vast number of tutorials, as well as video presentations here:

Promega Multimedia

Browse informative videos on various topics such as PCR, DNA and RNA Purification, Protein Expression Purification and more.

IDT Video Library

Enjoy exciting content courtesy of IDT’s video library on RT-PCR, Synthetic Biology, Gene Silencing, SciTools and Next Generation Sequencing.


List of Protocols

Promega Protocols

Get easy access to quick protocols, technical manuals and video protocols here for DNA and RNA Purification, PCR, Cell Health and Metabolism and more here.

Promega Protocols & Applications Guide

This includes a comprehensive overview, step by step protocols and animations of techniques and cellular events for PCR, Apoptosis, Cell Viability, Cell Signaling, DNA Purification, Cloning and more.

IDT User Guides & Protocols

Find protocols on DNA and RNA Synthesis, Synthetic Biology, PCR and more here.

Recipes for Common Laboratory Solutions & Buffers

Promega Recipes

Includes recipes for buffers and other common laboratory solutions










Educational Resources


Find out more about the Background of Molecular Biology including Mitochondrial DNA, Protein Synthesis & DNA Replication as well as Molecular Biology Techniques here.

Quick Reference (IDT)

This includes short but informative information about Molar Extinction Coefficient, Molecular Weight (Anhydrous), nmole/OD260, µg/OD260, Melting Temperature and more.

Technical References (Promega)

Abbreviations: Find out commonly used abbreviations here for quick reference

Amino Acids: Useful reference with amino acid abbreviations, structures and more

DNA & Protein Calculations: Conversions and formulas used with DNA and protein quantification

BioMath calculators

Promega BioMath Calculators

These calculators are very handy for molecular biology experiments and include melting temperature, molarity, dilution calculations and DNA and protein conversions.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)





Open access journals

Journals accessed through these sites are permanently free for everyone to read and download.

Highwire Press

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Elsevier Open Access Journals

Wiley Open Access

Sri Lankan research paper archives

Sri Lanka Journals Online

This is a complete database of journals published in Sri Lanka, managed by the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka in collaboration with INASP. Access over 5000 articles included from over 50 journals here.