Drug discovery and cancer research seminar

A Drug discovery and cancer research seminar is conducted at ITI


Avon together with ITI organized a seminar on latest tools and techniques on drug discovery and cancer research at Industrial technology Institute recently. The topics discussed were 1) Nanoluc: Nextgen Luciferase for Analysis of protein Dynamics and cell Signaling. 2) Advanced Technologies for monitoring Cell Health in Real-Time. 3) NanoBRET and NanoBiT:New tools for the Analysis of Protein – Protein Interactions in Living Cells. 4) Novel Reporter Bioassays :From ADCC/Fc Effector Function to Cancer ImmunoTherapy.

Other than the ITI scientists, representative scientists from University of Kelaniya, Univeristy of Peradeniya and University of Colombo were present at the seminar. ITI scientists were from herbal technology division, Biotechnology division and Food technology division.

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The resource person was Dr Nicholas Ng, a Scientist and the General Manager of Promega Corporation, Singapore Branch. He has been with Promega Corporation, a leading life science research product manufacturer, over 20 years and has a great deal of knowledge, experience in products and services offered by Promega for genomics, proteomics, forensics and etc www.promega.com

ITI is a long standing research and development institute that transfers technology for the industry. http://iti.lk/en/

Avon Pharmo Chem facilitated the event with the invitation to Promega Scientists and coordinating the organizing of the event with ITI scientists.

This is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives serially done by Avon through out the country supporting the Sri Lankan Scientists with latest technological know how to meet the world class standards.

If you are interested in knowing drug discovery tools and techniques, contact molecular biology unit of Avon mb@avonpclk.com or apc@avonpclk.com

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