Uwa Wellassa University

International Research Symposium – Uva Wellassa University 2018

“Emerging Technologies for an Innovative Green Economy”

Uva Wellassa University, which has engraved unique features in Sri Lankan higher education sector, leads the theme of value addition to national resource base. Taking the pride in producing well rounded graduates  to the nation, UWU has developed innovative solutions to bridge the gaps in the knowledge among undergraduates.
The Uva Wellassa University is organizing 2nd “International Research Symposium-2018” (IRSUWU-2018), which is scheduled to be held on 1 st and 3 rd February 2018 with the theme of “Emerging Technologies for an Innovative Green Economy”. This event leads to gather the scientists and the industry personnel to a same platform to initiate an awareness and discussion on the scientific findings and innovation.
This year, the Faculty of Science and Technology plays the leading role in organizing the IRSUWU-2018. Uva Wellassa University offers thirteen degree programmes and these degree programmes aim to develop knowledge, values, conceptual understanding and skills in students, necessary for a range of careers in their particular fields capable of planning, designing and implementing new technologies in value addition to national resource base. It
fosters researches in Material Science, Mechatronics, Natural Products, Computer Science, Industrial Information, Food Science, Biology, Engineering, Earth Science, Agriculture, Management Science and Entrepreneurship in a dynamic interdisciplinary atmosphere. The degree programmes are providing the students with opportunities for technology oriented career to fulfill the demand of local and international market. All the undergraduates are continuously involved in researches and development projects and their findings and innovations will be presented at this scientific forum.

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