Lab Glassware

We provide superior glassware for all your laboratory requirements from Marienfeld Superior, renowned manufacturers and suppliers of quality and reliable glassware from Germany. With over 90 years of experience dealing with glassware, Marienfeld supplies its products to more than 100 countries worldwide. Find a comprehensive range of high quality laboratory glassware at reasonable prices which are produced according to DIN/ISO standards from Marienfeld. Glassware is made of soda lime glass, or borosilicate glass in a variety of volumes. In addition, transparent polypropylene versions are also available.

Volumetric Instruments: Marienfeld supplies a wide variety of volumetric instruments such as graduated pipettes, volumetric pipettes, cylinders, volumetric flasks, burettes, reservoir bottles, specific gravity bottles and more.

Laboratory Containers: Find all kinds of glassware that you need in your laboratory here such as beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, round bottom flasks, flat bottom flasks, funnels, condensers, laboratory bottles, evaporating dishes, crucibles and more here.

Microscopy Glasses and counting chambers: Find a range of cover glasses, microscopic slides and petri dishes here. Marienfeld also supplies a comprehensive range of blood testing products such as counting chambers, micro pipettes, capillary tubes, haematocrit tubes and Pasteur pipettes.